Every illness starts with weak metabolism.
This creates accumulation of Aama & toxins which blocks the channels & bodily functions.

Finally tissues are under nourished & illness is created.

So we create transformation using the tools of Ayurveda with customized diet plan,
Home remedies, Detox therapies to shift the imbalances from the root cause.


Our well trained therapiest who bring a life time of learning,
wisdom & time honored tools to preserve the balance between your body, mind & soul.


A modern day heritage center that harnesses the ancient principles of Ayurveda & yoga to offer
health care & wellness solutions for today’s stress – ridden lifestyle.

Suvarnaveda believes that the elimination of stress & tension is critical
to the improvement & maintenance of overall wellbeing.

Self-esteem & a balance of health & wellness is achieved in the oasis of calm @ Suvarnaveda


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Suvarna Veda