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Ayurvedic Treatments

By Jerome Posted on September 3, 2018

The word Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit words, Ayush, meaning life and Veda, meaning knowledge or ‘knowledge of life. Ayurveda is a complete healthcare system believed to have been developed in India more than 3000 years ago. The knowledge is said to have passed on to humans by the Gods themselves. The holistic system of medicine and healing seeks to balance the five elements of space, air, fire, water, and earth and restore health through wholesome food, exercise, meditation, relaxation and cleansing.

Enhance your wellbeing and discover total relaxation through Ayurvedic treatments at the unique Kairali Ayurvedic Center.

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Ayurvedic Treatments

The Kairali Ayurvedic Center at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok allows guests to enjoy unique spa experiences in a tranquil setting. Located on the 4th floor of the hotel, the peaceful spa offers a menu of authentic Ayurvedic treatments performed by spa professionals. Signature Ayurvedic treatments include the four-hand massage, Abhyangam. This blissful 60-minute therapy uses special herbal oils applied to the body, head to toe, by two therapists. Ancient massage techniques soothe aching muscles improves blood circulation, mental alertness and ensures a restful sleep. Other notable Ayurvedic treatments at the Kairali Ayurvedic Center include the signature, Sirodhara, which drops medicated oils gently on your forehead to induce a calming effect on your mind.

The spa menu also includes a variety of facials such as the Ayurveda Glow Facial. Guests can lie back as a therapist uses Ayurvedic massage techniques and herbal oils infused with herbs to cleanse and exfoliate, leave you looking radiant and feeling youthful. For the ultimate in personal pampering, a choice of special day packages is available with the best of the Kairali Ayurvedic Center’s Ayurvedic treatments.

The Kairali Ayurvedic Center at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok is open daily 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. (last booking: 6.30 p.m.).

Advance Booking 60 Days

Advance Booking 60 Days

Rates From: THB 2,320 / Night

60 Days Before Arrival

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